To get access to SGOs, please review the FAQs below and complete this acknowledgement form.


Q: What is a scheduled group order (SGO)?
A: A scheduled group order is an order a Corporate Client places in advance for multiple employees at a preset delivery time.

Q: How does an SGO differ from a group order?
A: These orders are very similar and both require careful attention to details, but the SGO will need to be delivered at a preset time and the SGO typically includes a larger number of individual orders compared to a group order.

Q: What makes your restaurant a good fit for SGO?
A: Large kitchen and support to individually bag and label the bags with the customer's name and order, support to check each bag for accuracy before the driver arrives.

Q: How far in advance will SGOs be sent to your restaurant?
A: SGOs will be sent at least 2 hours before the requested delivery time.

Q: What can your restaurant do if it needs more than 2 hours to prepare the orders?
A: Your restaurant can work with GFW Care (877-564-4192) to adjust your prep time to account for this.

Q: How does the SGO process begin?
A: Once the Acknowledgement Form is submitted, the SGO cap will be set at $150. After the first successful SGO, the cap will be increased to an amount that your restaurant can handle (you will designate this amount on the acknowledgement form).

Q: How can your restaurant control the number of orders it receives in an SGO?
A: After a successful SGO, your restaurant can work with GFW Care (877-564-4192) to cap the $ amount per SGO.


Q: Does each individual order need to be bagged and labeled?
A: Yes, the restaurant will need to individually bag each order. Each bag will also need to be labeled with the customer's name and order. The restaurant can cut out the labels from the order form and staple them to each bag to save time and avoid confusion with the order.

Q: Does my restaurant need to check each bag for accuracy before the driver arrives?
A: Yes, to make sure no items are missing, your restaurant should check each bag for accuracy before the driver arrives to pick up the order. This will allow the driver to spend less time at your restaurant and deliver the order to the Corporate Client on time.

Q: If 10 orders contain french fries, can one large bag of fries be included in the order?
A: No, there will be 10 individual bags of french fries, with one placed into each of the 10 bags


Q: If your restaurant receives an SGO and is unable to fulfill it, what should it do?
A: Call GFW Care (877-564-4192) immediately so GFW Care can find an alternative for the Corporate Client

Q: What happens if the SGO is delivered to the Corporate Client with issues?

  • 1st Time - GFW Care provides your restaurant with same-day feedback and walks you through the issue to avoid future problems.
  • 2nd Time - GFW Care provides your restaurant with same-day feedback and walks you through the issue to avoid future problems. 
  • 3rd Time - Your restaurant is no longer eligible for SGOs.